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Tactical Gear eShop experienced a significant 20% increase in revenue within a month through.


The e-commerce tactical gear shop faced intense competition from other online stores in the same industry. Although the shop offered high-quality products, it struggled to attract qualified traffic to its website and convert visitors into customers. The challenge was to enhance the shop’s online presence and increase revenue.

Updated PPC Strategy

Thorough market research and competitor analysis were conducted to identify high-conversion keywords with manageable competition. The PPC campaigns were optimized by refining ad copy, creating compelling calls-to-action, and allocating a larger budget to successful campaigns. Continuous monitoring and optimization ensured the maximum performance of the PPC strategy.

SEO Optimization

To improve organic visibility and attract targeted traffic, the shop's website underwent SEO optimization. This involved optimizing product pages, meta tags, and descriptions with relevant keywords. Valuable content and blog posts related to tactical gear were created to enhance search engine rankings. Additionally, the website's loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and overall user experience were optimized.

Social Paid Ads

Recognizing the potential of social media platforms, the marketing team launched paid advertising campaigns on popular channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Visually appealing ad creatives were developed, targeting users based on their interests, demographics, and online behavior. Constant monitoring, bidding strategy adjustments, and ad targeting refinements were carried out to maximize reach and conversions.


The implementation of the updated marketing strategy, the shop experienced a significant 20% increase in revenue. This boost was primarily driven by the shop’s presence on social media platforms, coupled with search paid advertising campaigns and seo.  Significantly expanded reach and brand awareness generated increased traffic and potential customers, positively impacting revenue growth and ROAS.


Site revenue over time


Paid traffic ROAS over time


Organic traffic conversion rate


Advertising budget reduction






Google Ads revenue over time


Bing Ads revenue over time


Facebook Revenueover time


Paid traffic ROAS overtime

Paid Search Advertising in Google and Bing

By implementing data-driven analysis, we identified their most profitable customer segments and focused advertising efforts on those specific demographics. We also optimized ad creatives and messaging to better resonate with the target audience.

As a result, the company achieved outstanding outcomes. Despite reducing budget and paid traffic intentionally, we witnessed an impressive 35% increase in advertising revenue. This increase was a direct result of improved ad targeting, reduced wasteful spending, and increased conversions from their refined audience.

Meta Ads

The company experienced a remarkable 45% increase in advertising revenue, showcasing the effectiveness of Facebook and Instagram campaigns in generating higher returns.

The success can be attributed to various factors, including audience segmentation based on demographics, interests, and behaviors, captivating ad designs that resonated with the target audience, and continuous optimization of bidding strategies to maximize campaign performance.

Search Engine optimization


Site conversion rate


Transactions over time


Revenue over time

The company recognized the importance of improving their organic search presence. Through extensive keyword research, on-page optimization, and technical improvements, we aimed to enhance the website’s visibility and attract more qualified organic traffic.

The results were remarkable. Within a short period, the company witnessed a 13.5% increase in organic traffic and a remarkable 50% growth in revenue.


This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a comprehensive digital marketing approach in driving significant revenue growth for e-commerce.
By leveraging the targeting capabilities, creating compelling ad content, and constantly working on SEO, businesses can achieve substantial increases in revenue and attract a larger audience to their website.


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