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In 2020, New York Dentistry reached out to Garan SEO agency. This clinic, offering a comprehensive range of services, including surgery, orthopedics, therapy, and orthodontics, faced the challenge of having no clients without investing in advertising and website promotion. Dental chairs remained unoccupied, doctors had idle time, and the clinic owners were losing potential profits.

The primary aim for the Dentistry was to boost its online visibility in an increasingly competitive dental market and increase revenue.

Comprehensive Website Audit

The first step was to conduct a thorough SEO audit to identify existing issues. The audit revealed various on-page SEO issues, including unoptimized meta tags, lack of keyword integration, and slow loading times.

Keyword Research

An exhaustive keyword research process was undertaken to understand what potential students were searching for. This led to the discovery of several long-tail keywords and phrases which the school's competitors were not targeting.

Comprehensive Website Audit

The first step was to conduct a thorough SEO audit to identify existing issues. The audit revealed various on-page SEO issues, including unoptimized meta tags, lack of keyword integration, and slow loading times.


We used the following strategies:

  • Create a marketing combination of search advertising and landing pages.
  • Setup direct targeted advertising on Instagram/Facebook to generate leads.
  • Perform a detailed technical and usability audit of the website. 
  • Make all necessary corrections and work on improving page loading speed. 
  • Compile a comprehensive semantic core and optimize the site in accordance with user queries. 
  • Begin building high-quality backlinks. Adapt the site for E-A-T factors and work on its development.



Paid Search + Landings


Monthly calls over time


Monthly lead count over time


Monthly patients count over time


As part of the conducted audit of the set-up ppc advertising, it was revealed that non-targeted keywords with the names of other companies were used in the ads. Additionally, ads were displayed for services that the client does not provide. Regular search query cleaning was not performed, leading to the client being shown for irrelevant queries.

Furthermore, ads were set to display for informational search queries that did not lead to potential client website visits.

The advertising ran even during hours when the clinic was not open, resulting in potential clients making calls or submitting inquiries but being unable to schedule appointments because the clinic was simply not operational at those times.

Due to these shortcomings, the advertising budget was being wasted, and the effectiveness of the advertising was low.


Keyword Research by Categories

We collected a comprehensive semantic core based on the client’s relevant areas of interest, removing all informational and non-targeted queries. We selected only the most effective and sales-oriented queries for further work.

Setting Up Advertising Campaigns in Google Ads

We categorized the selected keywords into advertising campaigns based on their respective categories, and within those campaigns, we organized them into ad groups. This systematic organization allows for precise analytics of advertising campaigns, tracking their effectiveness, and improving overall performance.

Assessing Effectiveness and Adjusting Bids

As part of managing the advertising account, our specialists regularly cleaned out irrelevant queries and adjusted bid amounts to achieve the highest positions at the lowest cost. We also optimized the advertising account based on an assessment of its performance.

Simultaneously, landing pages were created to inform users about promotions and discount offers, encouraging them to click through.

Social Media Targeting

In the social networks Facebook/Instagram, we conducted targeted advertising.

When setting up the advertising campaign, we used the following parameters:

  • Offering a free dental clinic visit for birthday celebrants.
  • We launched a video clip with a current offer tailored to the target audience.
  • Informing potential clients about the extension of the promotional offer, particularly those who had already interacted with the clinic’s website or social media groups.
  • Announcing a discount offer with a deadline for a lookalike audience (LAL), sharing certain characteristics with those who had taken specific actions on the website or in the group.

Simultaneously, we published promotional posts in a thematic community with an audience reach of 94,772 people. These posts were scheduled in accordance with our plan. Each post was viewed by 5,000 to 8,000 users from the target audience. The advertisements directed users to the landing page that we had developed.




Monthly traffic over time


Monthly calls over time


Monthly lead count over time


Monthly patients count over time


After we studied the niche, gathered data on competitors (link profile, structure, traffic, etc.), we identified the main directions for SEO work for the client’s dental practice.


1. Expertise Enhancement

Content Creation: Developed in-depth dental care articles, patient guides, and procedural breakdowns written by qualified dental professionals.

Author Profiles: Integrated detailed profiles of dental practitioners, highlighting their credentials, experience, and patient testimonials.

2. Boosting Authoritativeness

Backlink Building: Targeted reputable medical and dental publications for guest posts and features, building a strong backlink profile.

Partnerships: Collaborated with dental associations and organizations for webinars and online discussions, which were featured prominently on the website.

3. Fortifying Trustworthiness

Patient Testimonials: Curated a section dedicated to patient stories, before-and-after photos, and video testimonials.

Secure Browsing: Ensured that the website used HTTPS and followed best practices in terms of user data privacy.

Transparency: Created detailed pages about the clinic’s practices, pricing, and any other relevant patient information.


Collaborating with PPC and SEO approach to increase conversion rates and improve search engine ranking through SEO effort. We:

  • Support and maintain main website 
  • Develop landing pages for specific offerings, such as AllOn4 or Teeth in an Hour.
  • Create promotional pages for campaigns or discount announcements.
  • Addressing technical errors that impact SEO performance.

Technology stack: WordPress, Elementor, leadpages.com


By working with our organization, The Dentistry in New York not only is save a significant amount on advertising budget but also gain a reliable partner for setting up and managing contextual, targeted advertising, and SEO optimization. Our team is familiar with the specificities of Dentistry business sectors, which is why we’ll bring  far more clients than other contractors. And these clients will generate more revenue with the same investments. All of this is achieved through meticulous work on advertising accounts, proper configuration, and utilizing power of the E-A-T principles in SEO, especially in sectors where expertise and trust are paramount. By prioritizing these principles, not only did the website achieve higher visibility, but it also cultivated an authoritative online presence, assuring patients of the quality and reliability of services on offer. This approach reaffirms the belief that in SEO, quality and credibility can drive not just traffic, but also meaningful engagement and conversions.

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