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In the competitive Miami real estate market, online visibility and lead generation are paramount for success. Our client, a Miami-based real estate website, approached us with the goal of increasing website traffic, generating high-quality leads, and ultimately boosting sales. To achieve these objectives, we devised a comprehensive Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign tailored to their specific needs and market conditions.

Intense Competition

Miami's real estate market is highly competitive, with numerous real estate agencies and websites vying for the attention of buyers and sellers.

Seasonal Fluctuations

Miami's real estate market experiences seasonal variations, requiring adaptable advertising strategies.

Need for High-Quality Leads

The client wanted not just more leads but quality leads from serious buyers and sellers.



  • Keyword Research. We conducted thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-converting keywords related to Miami real estate. This ensured that our ads would appear when potential customers were actively searching for real estate services.
  • Geo-Targeting. Given the localized nature of the real estate market, we implemented precise geo-targeting to focus on specific neighborhoods and areas within Miami, maximizing relevance.
  • Ad Copy Optimization. We crafted compelling ad copy that highlighted the unique selling points of our client’s real estate services, such as local expertise, property listings, and professional service.
  • Landing Page Optimization. We optimized the client’s landing pages to ensure a seamless user experience, fast load times, and clear calls to action, improving the conversion rate.
  • Ad Extensions. We utilized ad extensions, including location, callout, and structured snippet extensions, to provide additional information and encourage clicks.
  • Budget Allocation. We carefully allocated the budget to high-performing keywords and ads while continuously monitoring and adjusting to maximize ROI.
  • A/B Testing. We conducted ongoing A/B testing of ad variations to identify which messages and formats resonated best with the target audience.



Website traffic


Average CPC


Bounce rate


Website conversion rate


Traffic Increase.  The main task was to increase the number of inquiries. To achieve this, it was necessary to increase the number of website visitors. Therefore, we expanded the semantic core Google AdWords and Bing across all directions. Then, we changed the account structure and identified new priority directions:

  • Rentals
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Condos
  • Homes
  • Penthouses

Besides, we implemented remarketing. Dynamic remarketing plays a significant role in the real estate industry. We actively worked in this direction, showing users the exact properties they viewed on the website. This allowed us to attract a large amount of relevant traffic.

Cost Efficiency. By optimizing the ad spend allocation, we reduced the client’s cost per click (CPC) by 150% while maintaining high visibility.To achieve this, we made the following adjustments:

  • We studied the segments of the target audience and found that the majority of customers fall into the 30+ category. Therefore, we adjusted the age settings and focused specifically on this segment.
  • We constantly monitored the placements in Google Display Network (GDN), where campaigns were active. Many placements with ineffective metrics were excluded.
  • We expanded the list of negative keywords and disabled ineffective ads and queries.

Lead Generation. Website traffic increased by 75%, with a significant portion coming from high-intent users actively looking for real estate services in Miami.

The conversion rate on the website increased by 20%, resulting in a higher number of successful transactions.

The client saw a 50% increase in high-quality leads, with a higher conversion rate compared to organic traffic.

As a result of the first month, we managed to reduce the cost per lead by 2.3 times.


This PPC advertising case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a targeted and data-driven approach in the competitive Miami real estate market. By leveraging PPC, we not only increased website traffic and leads but also improved the client’s ROI. Our ongoing optimization efforts continue to ensure the client’s success in the dynamic Miami real estate landscape. As the real estate market evolves, our adaptable PPC strategy remains a valuable asset for our client’s growth and profitability.




Develop a convenient and functional website for selling luxury real estate in Miami that meets high market standards and requirements.


Design and UX: The website design is executed in a modern style, using bright and contrasting colors associated with Miami and luxury. The homepage features a slider with popular properties, a map with property markers, as well as a search form and filters for easy property selection. Site Structure: Site navigation is simple and intuitive. The site includes sections for “Apartments,” “Houses,” “Townhouses,” “Commercial Real Estate,” and “Rent,” as well as filters for parameters (property type, price, location, number of bedrooms, area, etc.).

Functionality: The site boasts extensive functionality for user convenience. Users can search for properties based on parameters, view 3D tours of properties, request property viewings, and subscribe to updates and news.

Stack: The site is built on the WordPress platform, providing flexibility in customization and content management, as well as offering a wide range of plugins and themes for site design.

Integrations: The MIAMI Real Estate website is integrated with leading real estate databases, allowing it to provide up-to-date information on market offerings and quickly find suitable options for clients. This also helps optimize the property search process for users, reducing the time spent on handling inquiries.

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