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The primary objective for the Online International University was to amplify its global presence while addressing specific challenges related to content quality, indexing issues, and the implementation of E-E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) factors. A parallel goal was to optimize the Spanish version of the site for better accessibility and visibility among Spanish-speaking audiences.

Content Quality Enhancement

Curriculum Descriptions: Detailed, well-researched descriptions were written for each course and program, showcasing the academic rigor.
Faculty Profiles: Emphasized faculty qualifications, publications, and experience, highlighting the institution's expertise.

Fixing Indexing Bugs

Technical SEO Audit: Identified and rectified indexing problems causing the site's pages to be omitted from search engine results.
XML Sitemap Submission: Ensured proper submission of sitemaps to search engines for better crawling and indexing.

Integration of E-E-A-T Factors

Academic Publications: Featured scholarly articles and research by the faculty, strengthening the site's authoritativeness.
Accreditation and Certifications: Highlighted university accreditations and recognitions on the site to enhance trustworthiness.
Alumni Testimonials: Created a section dedicated to success stories from graduates, adding to the site's authenticity and trust.

Optimization of Spanish Version

Localization: Worked with native Spanish speakers for content translation to ensure cultural and linguistic accuracy.
Hreflang Tags: Properly implemented hreflang tags to guide search engines on the language targeting of the site.
Spanish Keyword Optimization: Conducted keyword research specific to Spanish-speaking audiences and integrated them into the content.



Initial traffic


Traffic over time


Initial lead count


Revenue over time


The Online International University case study underlines the importance of a comprehensive SEO strategy that addresses both broad global goals and specific regional needs. By focusing on quality, resolving technical issues, and emphasizingE- E-A-T factors, the institution not only improved its online visibility but also solidified its reputation among prospective students worldwide. The success of the Spanish version also indicates the vital role of localization in reaching and resonating with diverse audiences. It’s evident that a holistic approach, paying attention to both global standards and local nuances, can drive significant results in the digital education space.

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