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The overarching objective for the Cement and Ready Mix Concrete Company was to rectify existing SEO issues that were hampering the website’s performance, bolster its organic visibility, and consequently, increase the number of inquiries and sales generated through the digital platform.

Addressing Technical Errors

301 Internal Links: Replaced all internal links with a 301 response code to ensure seamless navigation.

Site Loading Speed: Implemented compressions, optimized media files, and streamlined code to boost site loading times.

Code Rectification: The invalid code identified was corrected to align with modern web standards.

URL Case Sensitivity: Implemented server-side solutions to handle case insensitivity, reducing duplicate content issues.

404 Errors: Replaced or removed broken links, and set up appropriate redirects for smoother user experience.

Content Optimization

Meta Descriptions: Crafted engaging and keyword-rich meta descriptions for all pages to improve click-through rates.

H1 Headings: Integrated H1 headings where missing, ensuring they were descriptive and keyword-optimized.

Backlink Profile: Conducted a backlink audit to disavow harmful links and worked on gaining quality backlinks from reputable domains in the construction and materials industry.

Local SEO Rectifications

Location Pages: Revamped content on location-specific pages to be more informative and keyword-optimized for local searches.

GMB Profiles: Filled out all details on Google My Business profiles, adding high-quality images, working hours, and detailed service descriptions.

Regular Data Updates: Implemented a routine to regularly update business information, ensuring it remains consistent across all platforms.

GMB Rating: Rolled out a review solicitation strategy to gather more customer reviews, aiming to boost the GMB rating.




Initial traffic


Traffic over time


Initial lead count


Revenue over time


This case aptly highlights the intricate ties between technical optimization, content quality, and local SEO in determining a website’s success. The Cement and Ready Mix Concrete Company’s journey underscores the significance of a meticulous SEO approach. 


Objective: Enhancing user experience and improving SEO performance.

Our team provided support and development for new website pages, conducted a redesign of product pages and the main page to enhance the user experience. One of our projects included the development of a “Locations” section, allowing users to conveniently find relevant information, while also improving SEO performance through the creation of detailed location pages.

We successfully integrated the website with the Shopify platform.

As a result of our work, we achieved significant improvements in the user experience on the website.

Result: This enhancement enabled us to improve customer interactions and increase conversion rates.

Technology stack: WordPress, Elementor, Shopify.

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