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The accident and injury law firm wanted to increase the amount of high-potential online traffic they were receiving each month and turned to Garan SEO Agency in the hopes of increasing website traffic and lead generations, thus boosting overall conversions. Through a proven marketing combination of a website optimization and advertising, which has consistently generated the desired number of leads for five years now, Garan SEO Agency has delivered a stable stream of 6 to 8 inquiries per day at a cost ranging from $75 to $100 USD. This combination has been effective since 2019 and remains relevant today, thanks to well-planned and adaptable marketing efforts.


  1. High cost per lead over $330
  2. Limited budget for the test 
  3. Deal cycle In legal services, it can range from 6 months to 2 years.
  4. Competition in contextual advertising (great competition = expensive advertising)


The strategic implementation of SEO and paid advertising campaigns resulted in a substantial increase in website traffic. Targeted optimization helped attract qualified leads directly impacted revenue. Company witnessed a significant increase in sales and revenue, surpassing their initial growth targets.


Site traffic


Number of leads


Cost per lead

Paid Advertising

The first version of the combination of the landing page and the advertising campaign that we launched gave out leads for $ 220.

This result seemed excellent, but there were nuances.

Another important detail: clients from advertising are not like word-of-mouth referrals, where the conversion to contract signing can reach up to 100%. They need time and evidence to make a decision that they can trust you.

All of this pointed to the need to try to reduce the cost per lead as much as possible and increase their quantity.

To maximize reducing the cost per lead, the first thing we did was conduct a series of website tests aimed at increasing its conversion rate. We primarily tested the offer, background image, and Call To Action.

Changing the offer and optimizing the mobile version of the site significantly boosted conversion.

As the second step, we optimized  advertising campaigns by removing ineffective placements, adjusting bids, and adding more creatives and advertisements with different headlines.

We created and tested approximately 30 different creatives for display advertising in two formats, 1:1 and 16:9. In the end, we kept only those with the highest click-through rate.

We completely disabled desktop traffic, as it generated more expensive leads, and moreover, 90% of foreigners submitted inquiries via smartphones.

After testing the website and optimizing the ads, we also added retargeting campaigns.

The result was a fourfold increase in conversion.

In 2020, we received 2207 leads at a cost of $91 each.

In 2021, we obtained 2340 leads at a cost of $79 per lead.

We reduced the cost per lead by lowering bids and disabling newly emerging ineffective placements.

In 2022, the cost per lead increased to $116. This was partly due to the fact that we were not actively running advertising campaigns, as we focused on developing social media presence. The cost per lead will change over time.


Social Media

Working with this client allowed us to demonstrate that in addition to sales, it is also possible to promote legal services on social media. We set up targeted campaigns and expanded the client’s presence on Instagram and Facebook. As a result, our team achieved 14,139 website visits, 25.8K Facebook likes, and 19.3K visits to the Instagram account.

When the company contacted us, they already had profiles on Facebook and Instagram. However, there was low activity on these accounts, and the number of followers was also low.

Our main objectives became improving the content and boosting the profiles. This would help increase website traffic and conversions, enhance brand recognition, and ultimately generate additional revenue.

We worked on the Facebook and Instagram accounts, with our primary focus on enhancing brand recognition. Here are the steps we took:

  • Provided recommendations for selecting photo content and materials for stories.
  • Set up automatic responses and greetings.
  • Collaborated with a designer to create a Facebook cover.
  • Optimized the Instagram header.
  • Created highlights. 

Additionally, we created banners in line with the recognizable corporate style in collaboration with specialists.

Initially, we gathered data about the target audience  to ensure effectiveness. We then needed to set up a targeted advertising campaign with various objectives, including:

  • Driving traffic to the website.
  • Improving conversion rates.
  • Enhancing engagement.
  • Increasing traffic to the mobile app and account.

Different objectives were selected to reflect a wide range of services for various audience segments.

Simultaneously, we established active feedback practices, responding quickly to comments, questions, and messages.

After some time, we conducted an analysis of the TA, studying user reactions and testing different approaches. Our next focus was on Lookalike audiences and remarketing.

Summarizing our team’s active work on setting up targeting, it can be said that all the advertising campaigns we configured demonstrated high performance. The cost per click did not exceed $0.4, indicating the efficiency of budget spending. 

Many profile parameters on social media platforms saw growth, and website traffic increased.

You can see the results of our targeting setup in the table below:


In the field of legal services, there are many different areas, each with its own level of competition, conversion rates at each stage, deal cycles, client acquisition costs, and advertising budgets.

Here are some nuances related to property damage:

For example, in the field of property damage, we were able to achieve a cost of $300 per lead in cities with a population of a million or more. This was achieved through a combination of a quiz and display advertising.

The challenge lies in the fact that leads from the quiz are often cold, and some individuals may have minor damage claims of $20,000 or $70,000, which many lawyers are not willing to handle.

We have tried specifying the claim amount in our advertising, but it didn’t significantly change the situation. Moreover, such wording may deter potential good clients.

Lawyers should consider how to turn leads they don’t wish to handle themselves into revenue opportunities. For example, these leads could be referred to Property Damage Adjusters.

Below is a screenshot of the statistics regarding the number of inquiries.

Today, we are actively engaged in several initiatives, including the creation of additional landing pages, enhancing design and usability, and implementing extra services. We’re also maintaining our social media profiles, actively collaborating with bloggers, and promoting our accounts through targeted advertising. Our plans involve expanding into new audiences based on the results we’ve already achieved, reaching those who have not yet sought personal injury services but may need them in the future. Additionally, we will be conducting tests with new creative elements and messaging and exploring promotion through other channels.

This is only a portion of our planned activities. And, of course, our primary goal is to deliver as many high-quality leads to our clients as possible.

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